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So I'm having a few days away in Scarborough. I've not seen any parsley sage rosemary or thyme mainly because there has been no fayres!

Multred_a and I arrived yesterday. We had a walk along the seafront of the south bay and got cold because of the wind, mist, fog, and sea fret but we still had fun walking on the empty, midweek, out of season harbour wall.

I called at the Doc Martin shop and bought myself a new pair of black shoes. My mom gave me the money to buy them on my birthday in July and I've only just found a pair that fit nicely. While I was in the shop I tried on a lovely pair of bright red patent boots! they looked so cute! But I can't really afford them with Christmas being so near. I'll have a look on the Internet when i get home and see if I can buy them cheaper!

Then we went for tea I went off my diet for the evening as I had salmon with chips and salad followed by hot fudge cake and ice cream. It's the first time I've had pudding since my birthday meal and the time before that was in Germany in may! I LOVED IT!

Today is brighter. We slept in until 10 am and found a nice cafe around the corner for breakfast. Then we spent the day shopping. I've final bought season 6 of LOST as it was on sale for £15! And three paperbacks for 3 for £5! I don't usually like shopping but I've really enjoyed myself today!

Now we are back at the b&b having a rest before we go out for tea (which may again have to include hot fudge cake!)

We travel back home tomorrow but we plan to have a walk in the morning on the sea front on the north bay and go to Leadville park before we go for the train.

Oh don't forget to check out the A to Z of 80s artists on 80s_stuff (I don't know how to do a link on my iPod!). There's some really good music and comments posted!

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