C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Misfits 3;3

OMG! My favourite episode EVER EVER!!!!

It beats the Nathan/Simon one and the Superhero reveal!

It had everything that I love in a storyline - an obsessive geek who has pictures all over the wall and idolises Simon, mind manipulation and someone who's controlling the storyline and the future! I loved it.

The guy who plays Peter is so cute plus he has the most beautiful dark brown eyes. The type where you can't see his pupils for the dark brown.

Spoiler - (I know peter had to die otherwise he would never have stopped but i would have liked him around for a while longer)

OMG! Someone PLEASE, PLEASE, write me a Peter/Simon obsessive control freak story and I'll love you forever!!!

Also the guy who plays Seth is quite nice too!
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