C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

LJ seems to be working today!

I've had problems for days on end with LJ Ddos attacks! I've had maybe 10 mins access a day for the last 5 or 6 days! actually it could have been working yesterday (I didn't get chance to check!) I seem to have been getting e-mails through from LJ yesterday and today so I think it was working yesterday.

Thankfully LJ seems to have been working for the various VJ's at 80s_stuff and the A to Z of 80s Artists seems to have been running nice and smoothly :D The fact that i haven't been able to acess LJ means that I am again way behind on commenting on the videos that people have posted and being the OCD(ish) person I am, I have to answer them in order! but 3 or 4 days and I should have caught up with my comments!

I've been to Physiotherapy today for my shoulder. I've been doing my exercises several times a day and can move my arm more than I could two weeks ago. Well it did hurt today being pushed and pulled about! But when she had finished I nearly had full movement back in my arm! When I got home I had to take a painkiller and I tried to have a lie down because I felt a bit dizzy and light headed (she did worn me that I might!) but I was in too much pain to be able to settle so I got up again.

It's been snowing all day today. It hasn't settled where I live but it had settled higher up in the village where I went for my physio. Steve said he had trouble driving up and down the rural hills on his way back home from work as it had settled out in the countryside.

Depending on the weather tomorrow I'm thinking about going walking with the Tuesday ladies again. I haven't been walking with them for months!

In the afternoon I've got my yearly check up appointment and examination (from my bowel surgery) at the hospital. I got a letter in the post a couple of weeks ago to say I was booked in for a pouchoscopy in 2013! My consultant obviously booked it for me but I wouldn't have imagined receiving a letter that far in advance!

I'm going to start writing my Christmas cards tomorrow although I'm already late for sending my Asia cards off as it was the last posting date today.

If anyone is interested in receiving a card from me then please IM me with your address. (If you replied to my other post you don't need to IM me!)

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