C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

LJ's still working even though there's trouble again today at the other side of the world!

Well LJ's still working for me!

I'll start by saying that when people told me that physio would hurt, I didn't realise that it would really hurt! My shoulder neck and spine really hurt!
Not being able to take anti inflammatory tablets I've been using my anti inflammatory cream, alternating with Glucocamine gel plus some Glucosamine tablets plus cocodamol tablets! Anything really to try to take the aching away. I've had two bad nights sleep because I couldn't get my arm comfy in bed even with the comfy pillow I had discovered about a week ago worked!

About three hours ago, 53 hours after the physio, I suddenly felt the pain decrease to quite a bareable level! YAY!

Today I made another soup from my new Slimming world soup book - Melon and ginger! Different but very nice! It's just melon, a spoonful of ginger, a couple of spring onions and 150g fat free yoghurt and it should have had a sprig of mint and a bit of dill but I didn't have them in the cupboard. You blend it, then chill it and eat it cold. It has a very nice texture! (without the spring onion added It would make a nice desert topping!)

I haven't dared to eat my parsnip soup again! It gave me SUCH bad wind last time! hahahaha! There's still 3 portions in my freezer!

Oh and talking of that end I went to the hospital yesterday - usual questions and answers and I finally gave in and agreed to try some tablets that they and my doctor have been trying to get me to take for years! Didn't have an examination this time and I'm booked in for a pouchoscopy in 2013. 
'Do get in touch straight away if there's any problems and we'll see you again in a year'.

One hour travel there, 20 mins wait, 5 mins consultation, 35 mins wait for tablets (during which I went for a coffee!) , and an hour home!

Anyway I've been writing my Christmas cards today and have finished doing them all apart from the family cards. If anyone (who hasn't let me know yet) would like a card then PM me. It's the last posting day for the US on Friday.
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