C.x (itsjustc) wrote,


I've had a busy day today.

I set off for town at 8.30am and did my Christmas prezzie buying. I went down with a list so I went straight to the shops I wanted and was on the tram back to Hillsborough by 12 noon! I called in the pub for dinner and then went to my moms for a a couple of hours.

Went to my physiotherapy - oh I didn't tell you the story of going to the docs surgery in the village on Monday to find them most apologetic as I had been missed off the list so my notes hadn't been brought over from Rotherham hospital! So they made me an appointment for this afternoon at the docs in Hillsborough. Anyway the physio told me he was going to work on my back and shoulder blade area this week is that also causes problems with the frozen shoulder. It was lovely! It was like having a back massage (but with a bit of pain!).

Then I came home and my friend pdbmn called round to my flat at 5pm for a coffee and to pick up his Christmas card and prezzie.

He left just before 7pm and I listened to an hour of the internet radio station 'Eurovision International'  from the Netherlands (it's in English). at 8pm I tuned into my friend Alan and his son Fred on the Boston (UK) based Endeavour Radio where they do a 80s show called 'A Kick Up The 80s'.

Then after 10 I'm not sure what i'm going to do! I might watch this weeks misfits that I haven't seen yet!

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