C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Christmas Holidays

On Christmas morning I went to Church and then had a lovely day at Steve's. He cooked dinner we had beef with all the trimmings and after dinner we opened our prezzies. I got some really lovely things from all my family and friends. I got the next in the series of Prisoner Cell Block H Dvd and Heroes 4 Dvd, a Eurovision Cd, The 2 Tribe books, a massive teddy bear, bath sets, sweets, 2 Simons Cats books (book 2 and 3), lots of other stuff and some money. In the afternoon we watched an old black and white film from the 1930's that Steve had received as a prezzie. We had a buffet tea later in the evening and watched comedy shows.

Oh...And my lovely, geeky, Gareth gets the Christmas no.1 with His military Wives Choir!

On Boxing day Steve picked my mom up in the car and brought her to my flat for dinner. Steve cooked again (he's really great when it comes to cooking!) We had chicken and all the trimmings. We cracked crackers and then at 4.30 my brother came for tea which we had about 5.30pm. We had a buffet tea but me and mom were still really full from dinner so the hollow legged men eat while we picked at a few things. We chatted until about 9pm and then my brother took mom home.

On Tuesday Steve and I went to town to have a look around and mainly get some fresh air! Neither of us actually bought anything!

On Wednesday the sun was shining and it was lovely and warm! So in the morning I dead headed all the pot plants on my front and cut down a couple of plants. I didn't do the ones in the planters on the handrails as they were still very wet from the night before's rain. In the afternoon Steve and I went to the garden centre, I was looking for another bird feeder but all the local garden centres are out of stock of the one I was after at the moment - apparently they made a very popular Christmas prezzie for a lot of people!

Thursday I went down to my moms for the day and eat porridge for breakfast and tomato dip for lunch and really enjoyed the break from Christmas food. In the evening when I got home I had a veggie curry!

Today Steve and I have watched 'It's a wonderful life'. It's on TV most Christmas Day's and Steve had recorded it from then. Then this afternoon I've watched 'Elf' which I must admit was better than I ever thought it was going to be! I've avoided it for years! oh and we also watched a 'George and Mildred' Christmas special which had Kenneth Cope as a hitman trying to kill George Roper!

I have had two light bulb moments this week! The kind of moments when I think to myself - have I really reached the age I am and only just realised this fact!
Firstly  -  I have gone to church since I was 8 and have just realised that concerning the wise men story I have always had my east and west mixed up! I have always pictured them coming from somewhere in North Africa and travelling to Bethlehem which is in fact west to east!
Secondly - as I was watching Kenneth Cope on George and Mildred I thought to myself 'Why can I never remember whether its Randall or Hopkirk that's Deceased in Randall and Hopkirk (deceased)! LOL! DUH!  it's not called Randall (deceased) and Hopkirk! I've just realised for the first time since the 60's that the word 'deceased' actually comes after Hopkirk's name for a reason!

Oh and thank you misstia and the_vulture for your lovely cards and messages. They both arrived this morning.


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