C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

To do list!

This probably will make for a boring post but I just need to sort my post Christmas head out!

the flat
sometime tomorrow
~wash the pots

sometime over the next couple of days
~Take Christmas tree down and put away (12th night on Friday!)
~Take Cards down and write my reminder list for next year of who sent cards and pressies.

sometime soon
~sort out the boxes in the storage cupboard and see if there's anything that can be got rid of.

sometime soon
~help her sort out and get rid of stuff to prepare for moving house.

the internet/tv/dvd
~tag 50_posts done!
~watch sherlock done!

sometime in the next couple of days
~watch s2 eps7 - 10 of The Tribe to catch up ready for the next tribe watch
~Have a look into youth hostels and boat services to Barra and South Uist for April
~buy tickets for Eurovision Reunited in Gateshead

sometime soon
~reply to posts on 50_posts
~reply to posts on 80s_stuff
~tag balderdash_game
~start a new game of balderdash

sometime this year
~finish off some of my half written pieces for the_adult_tribe
~write some posts at 50_posts
~get back to writing my epic multi chapter tribe story!
~try and encourage more people to write tribe stories!

sometime daily
~get back to regular daily bible reading (I've not been as regular this last month)

sometime soon
~read the 2 books lent to me by my neighbour so that I can give them back to her

sometime this year
~read through my (ever increasing, cos I keep buying more) pile of 'waiting to be read' books


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