C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Choir Practice

We worked on 3 songs last night

We started with John Rutters version of  'All Things Bright And Beautiful'

Then we sang 'Let There Be Peace On Earth' which according to the history notes on the back tells me that quite a lot of my American friends will probably have come across this song at some point in there life whereas its the first time I've ever heard it! This video version has the 'bold ending'.  We voted to do the optional 'quiet ending' instead.

Lastly we learned the last minute or so of Zadok The Priest (4.36 to the end!) It's slow going with this song! (I'm still forever calling it 'Zaphod The Geek' whenever I talk about this song!)

I've just realised that we were quite religiousy last night!
We aren't a church based choir we're a community choir. I think it just so happened we rehearsed the religious songs all together last night!
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