C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Spring garden

Steve came round on Sunday and we dead-headed, pruned, and tidied my boxes and front. I had to wait till this morning though to get a sunshiny day to get some good photos of them.

For all the spring flowers In the boxes, it's their third spring - except the mini daffis (second spring).

Oddly because of the weather my mini iris' have come up before the snowdrops! I've had 27 bunches of 8 or so mini iris flowers. Of those 27, 3 bunches were purple and 1 bunch pale blue all the rest were dark blue. As usual I've got loads of snowdrop plants but only 9 flowers, which is better than last year when I had 2 and the year before when I had 1! I've got 2 anemones opening one blue and one red and load more plants (It is still really early for them to be flowering!). I've got about 12 daffies and more to still open and most of my crocuses are just starting to change colour although I've got a couple that are flowering . I've got bunches of purple, white and yellow.

Then on my front we've tidied all my plants and re-built the wall in a different shape.

The seed trays on the floor contain my mini lily bulbs that are just starting to shoot as are my Clematis plants that will grow up the large trellis.

Tags: flowers, gardening, spring
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