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It's Friday again!

from thefridayfive

"With the following phrases, post a single image of the strongest thought/idea that pops into your head."
1.) Favorite Food:
2.) Least Favorite Food:
3.) Favorite Thing:
4.) Least Favorite Thing:
5.) A phobia:
6.) An addiction:

1.) Favorite Food: I just love Ice Cream in any flavour.

2.) Least Favorite Food: I've always hated burgers and I really hate bbq'd beefburgers

3.) Favorite Thing: My favorite beach on the Isle of Iona, a tiny island of the west coast of Scotland

4.) Least Favorite Thing: I detest being licked in any way, shape or form! No human, animal, plant (?) or mineral (?) is allowed to lick me.... anywhere...ever!!!

5.) A phobia: I am actually scared of anything microscopic that's living. Once it's big enough to see with the naked eye, it doesn't frighten me any more.

6.) An addiction: Still my addiction but I love it!

Copy and paste to your own journal, then reply to this post with a link to your answers.
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