C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

It's been a while since I posted - So older news! (Part 1)


What's been happening?

From February until Easter I took a break from the computer for Lent. It's the first time in years that I've given something up, I usually prefer to do something, some good deed or something. It was hard! I didn't realise quite how long a time I spent on the computer! but it meant I got quite a few outstanding jobs done. I spent most of the month during the week in the daytime doing my glass painting as I had a craft fair on Easter Monday and Tuesday. In an evening I tidied up the flat and on Saturdays I waded through the HUGE pile of papers that I had stuffed in large bags over the years and hidden in my store cupboard!!! So I got 8 large bags sorted and shredded and what wanted filing is now in 1 bag ready for sorting and I still have 2 bags to go through so I didn't quite finish the job! Oh and I also looked after my plants and did a regular daily bible reading.

Sometime at the beginning of the year mom told me that her and my sister (& husband) had decided to sell their houses and by a bungalow together. So both their houses are up for sale. Mom's had quite a bit of interest but no offers yet as most people don't want the bathroom off the bedroom any more so whoever buys it will have to convert it and put in a corridor if they are wanting it separate. My sister and husband haven't had any interest yet as unfortunately although it's only three years old, four houses on the same road all went on sale in the same week! It's going to be strange not having my mom living so close. I grew up in that house but I'm surprised that I don't feel sad about it. I'm just really happy that she will be looked after and that she won't have stairs to climb! She's fine at the moment but none of us know how much longer it will be before she can't manage to get up the stairs also in the present house a stair lift isn't an option.

So she's been selling some items of furniture on ebay and I've inherited her china cabinet. It's something I've always wanted since I was a child but now I'm having a problem finding where to put it in my flat! At the moment it's in the spare bedroom and I haven't sorted out her antiques or put them in the cabinet yet. but I will do soon.

That's it for part 1, as my other bit of news will have to be in a post of it's own.... hehe....

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