C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

It's been a while since I posted - So older news! (Part 2)

So there's been a HUGE 'much ado about nothing' with the choir!

It all happened and blow up out of all proportion on night about two weeks before we were doing a concert when the conductor (as always!) brought out a new piece of quite hard classical music to do for the concert! Apparently the choir had done it before but I'd been there for 3 years and I hadn't ever done it so it was quite a while ago and a lot of the choir had change in the years since they sang it so I would say that less than half of the choir knew the piece.

So because he does this quite often and then people go to the elderly lady pianist (she's in her 90's) and complain, she stood up from behind the piano and told him that she didn't think it was a good idea to start this piece of music at this late stage when we could be rehearsing the pieces we knew. He acted like a spoilt child and shouted at her and flung his music across the floor saying he was resigning and noone is allowed to speak to him like that, he's the musical director and what he says should go etc. etc. It was really wrong the way he went off the handle at this elderly woman! she humbly apologised but he wasn't accepting it and stomped out of the rehearsal!

We were 2 weeks before a concert and facing not having a conductor!

I got a phone call mid week to say that because we had used a new advertising company we couldn't cancel the concert as we'd have to pay them a lot of money. Also the conductor had agreed to see us through the concert and that we would then have a meeting to decide what to do next.

The pianist was really upset for weeks that she'd upset things but really it had been building up for a long time she just had the nerve to say what a lot of people had been too scared to say!

The following rehearsal wasn't quite as awkward as I expected it to be, We went through the songs he was slightly subdued and at the end he gave a little speech saying that he had enjoyed working with us and hoped that he could continue - although never did he apologise to the pianist for shouting at her - he actually said "You ought to know by now that I shout. That's the way we MD's are! we're all highly strung!"

The next week was the concert and the following week they had a meeting to decide whether to continue with him or not. I didn't go to the meeting as I had been to a funeral that day and couldn't face the fact that this incident had blown up out of all proportion! In the end it was voted that he left.

I went to the rehearsal the following week where a friend of somebody had offered to conduct for a couple of weeks to help out. He was a nice man but wasn't really very musical! So I'm glad they weren't offering him the job.

Then I've been away but I got a message while I was away that they had seen a poster up in the village that he as started a new choir in Hillsborough on a Thursday night! Which made my friend who texted me wonder if he had this all planned and was actually looking for an excuse to have a stomp out of our choir! This new choir started about two weeks after he left with very professional looking posters!

When I got back from my holidays I got a phone call to tell me that all the committee have resigned! - see what I mean about a little incident at a voluntary choir getting all out of proportion! So it was the AGM last Thursday and again I wasn't around to be able to go but they have appointed a new committee.

Soooo...when I go back this Thursday I'll see what's happening and what the latest news is!!!

I'll start a post about my holidays tomorrow.....

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