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My thoughts for today!

I've finally got a day free today!!

I've got one more day of college tomorrow and then I'm done for the summer!

As I mentioned before, this has not been a good year for me at college, what with being ill for the whole of last year my signing had really slowed down and my concentration was bad. I've also slipped from being at the top of the group and passing everything to being in the middle and having not yet passed any of my assessments! Since my op I've really improved again although it has been very hard trying to catch up on a whole years worth of speed and work in 8 wks (I know it's been 11 wks since the op but I didn't do any signing in those first 3 wks).

The week before my op I did suggest to my lecturer that I just do the year again next year. He encouraged me to come back and continue with this year and try to build up some speed and still try to pass.

I have my work in, being assessed now. It would be good for my confidence if I could just pass one of the pieces. (the presentation I videoed this week I feel was accurate signing wise, but whether they think it is still too slow, is for them to judge.)

I still don't mind doing the year again. I think it will give me plenty of time to get the experience and the practice.

Saturday the 14th June I am off on my hols to the South of France for 2 weeks. BOY AM I READY FOR A HOLIDAY OR WHAT!!!

I must go and do some tidying in my flat - it's in a bit of a mess!

Luv to you all
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