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Results News!

OMGoodness!!!  I am a VERY happy bunny! I've had a very big confidence boost!!

I passed two assessments out of the three.

When I went for my one to one I had the second of my tutours. He is VERY tough and strict, and is the sort of person who would not do me any favours for having been ill this year. But he was lovely he said that both of them had seen how much improvement I had made in the last few weeks and how I was just back to the speed I needed to be. He told me how much he had enjoyed my presentation in which I talked about the BSL bible translation project http://www.bslbible.org.uk/ and my information video where I explained about the digital switchover and how a Freeview Box and a digital hard drive recorder worked.

He said that my group work video was actually fine but that you weren't allowed to use the same people on your videos more than twice. My friend Jen had asked me a question on my presentation and on my instruction video and was in my group for the discussion. (no-one had told me that rule!). So obviously Jen got told the same thing!

I asked him if I should just do the year again to gain some speed and he said No. it was important that I carried on - and did I want to carry on? When I told him I did, he asked me to film the groupwork again in class today and then they would inform me on Thursday whether I have passed or not. At least the subject was more interesting. We discussed IVF and whether a Deaf person had the right to choose to have a Deaf baby or not.

Ok so now I'm this close, I'll admit that I really do want to pass this third piece.
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