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Cabin fever!

Warning! I need a bit of a moan!

I've been not very well for the last 3 or 4 weeks. Nothing serious, just become aneamic again and have felt very tired and haven't had the energy to do anything. I've not read, written, been out except to the local shop and to my moms, my house is a tip and my pots are piled up waiting to be washed! and I haven't felt like updating this journal. I'm fed up that my brain is foggy but as mom keeps reminding me I'll be back to health quite soon, now I'm on iron tablets from the doctors.

I was just going to sit outside in the evening warmth but someone across the way is playing their music so loud with the windows open that it's annoying me!

Thank goodness for the BBC's coverage of the olympics which I've lolled in front of the tv for and for Dave Gorman and Frank Skinner as I've caught up on lots of their radio podcasts.

Oh... and thank goodness for Steve who's invited me round to his for tea quite a few times to feed me up with iron rich meals.
Tags: moan

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