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I went to choir on Thursday night for the first time in ages. I was away and then it was the choir's summer break and then I wasn't well so it had been about 6 weeks since I'd been!

The new choir mistress is really lovely and is making the whole evening a lovely fun time and people are enjoying themselves. It is so much better than the tention and unfunny jokes from the choir master we had before! Thank goodness we sacked him!

The choir is nearly ready for the concert in October. I don't feel as if i missed too much stuff but there are a couple of pieces I don't know well enough. We are doing 12 songs -

As Long As I Have Music
Fields Of Gold
Swing Low Sweet Chariot
This Little Light Of Mine
When The Love Comes Tricklin' Down
Down By The Riverside
You Raise Me Up
Lotus Iste
Nice And Easy (a medley of Perry Como songs)
A Medley of songs from Les Miserables
Ascotte Gavotte (from My Fair Lady)
The Mermaid (an 18thC sea shanty)

I'll have to see how I feel nearer the time as to whether I'll take part in the concert. At the moment I feel as if I could catch up and learn the bits I've missed.

If you fancy listening to any of the songs  -

As Long As I Have Music

Fields Of Gold

You Raise Me Up

Lotus Iste

Ascotte Gavotte

The Mermaid
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