C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

The text size on an iPod touch is very tiny!!

I'm having a problem with my computer at the moment. The problem is that my monitor keeps turning itself of and saying that it's not receiving a signal from my computer. I took my monitor in to my friendly computer shop and they checked it and it worked fine. But still misbehaved when I got home. I've tried a new power cable(knew it logically wouldn't make a difference but just wanted to elliminate it from my enquiries). I don't have a spare computer to monitor cable but that seems to be my next move - but it'll have to wait till Monday now as I'm not going out on the 15 min bus ride just to buy a wire! Why I didnt think to buy one on Friday when I was actually in the computer shop I don't know! My sister is bringing me her spare monitor round sometime over the weekend for me to try. I really don't think it's a computer problem but once I've changed all the wires and the monitor, if it still doesn't work I think I'm going to have to admit that it is a computer problem!!!

So at the moment I'm accessing the Internet on my iPod touch and my netbook but it makes everything small and difficult to see and read.

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