C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Lovely sunshiny afternoon

After nearly a week of horrid dull misty rainy miserable weather it's really sunny and warm this afternoon so I've had my lunch sat outside in the sun on my front. My next door neighbour is playing a classical radio station from her livingroom quite loud (they are elderly and quite deaf)but not loud enough to be bothering me. I'm listening to pick of the pops on radio 2 at the moment they are playing this weeks charts from 1973 but on the hour they will be doing this weeks charts from 1980.

It is my village carnival today and what a lovely day for it:) I usually go but I just feel like a chill out day sat relaxing in the sun listening to music. It is a good event wire large and very well attended. It was originally due to be at the end of June but it was camelids due to the fields being waterlogged. So the date got moved to today

I'm looking at my planters as I'm sat and thinking that I kneed to do some dead heading and sorting I haven't done it for a couple of weeks as the weathers not been good enough.

Did think it was going to be a cold one today as steve said he had to scrape ice off his car windscreen this morning!

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