C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

New programmes

I am loving 'Me And Mrs Jones' on Friday nights on BBC.

Gemma’s (Sarah Alexander) life is ferrying the twins around and dealing with ex Jason (Neil Morrissey) and his Swedish girlfriend. So when do-able dad Tom (Nathaniel Parker) asks her out and her son returns from travelling with Billy (Robert Sheehan), Gemma unexpectedly finds she’s got more than one love interest.

The big question is 'Tom or Billy?' and the answer is obviously Billy! I mean come on it's Robert Sheehan playing a nice, caring, level headed character!!! Makes a change from his 'Misfits' character!
Tom is written to be a lovely character too and clever but I find him very creepy - and I don't think he's actually written to be creepy but that's how he comes across to me!

Also I'm watching and enjoying series 2 of 'Friday night dinner' on Channel 4 on Sunday night.
It is a comedy focused around the regular dinner experience of an English Jewish family (the Goodmans) on each Friday night.

And also 'Misfits' Series 4 starts on Sunday night (at the same time as Friday night dinner! on the same company's second channel!)

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