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Computer update

MY computer has been in and out of the repair shop for the last month!

but...I've got it back! Yay! and it seems to be working! It froze after only having it back about 10 days and it came back home on Wednesday! I've had a few days sorting things out. I've been through all 870 unread emails and either read and sorted them or deleted them. Then I've also been though the last two years worth of my LJ inbox and deleted all the spam posts that had been posted. The amount of spam has been terrible this last 3 weeks or so! I've put capture on this account for everyone who isn't on my flist so that should hopefully cut the amount down. I've also sorted out my podcasts and uploaded the latest ones whilst getting rid of the ones I've listened to.

Tomorrow my friend Josie is calling round. She has a file with EVERY Eurovision song that's there's ever been and she's letting me have it! YAY! I have all the songs from 2001 and various older favourites but she has everything from 1956.

Then I have my writing to do before the end of the month!! Hmm..might have to have an extension on that! Hopefully I'll get started on that either tonight or tomorrow night.
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