C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Me and Mrs Jones.

I've just watched the last episode of the BBC rom-com 'Me and Mrs Jones'.

I've really really loved the series but it seems to have got bad reviews all over the place for not being laugh out loud funny. Well I don't think it was supposed to be hilarious, I think it was supposed to be a BBC Friday night light entertainment rom-com which is very different from a Channel 4/E4 comedy which people are comparing it to!! It's been a bit like the 70's show 'Butterflies' with a disorganised family, but written for 2012!

Only thing is ... in the end did Mrs Jones follow her head or her heart? This, I'm afraid, I will probably never know the answer to because this great little show will most likely get cancelled!

And I have to just add that Robert Sheehan is really very attractive! He adds some nice eye candy to the show! And his character 'Billy' is very mature for his age.

Also the character 'Tom' is actually very annoying - when I discussed this with my friend last week she said "Yes but wouldn't it nice to have someone like Tom looking after you" - Sorry, but NO!!! I'd happily remain single rather than be with 'know it all' Tom!

About the show -
The series follows the increasingly complex life of Mrs Jones (Sarah Alexander) as she balances love, affection and motherhood between an ex-husband, one grown-up son, two young daughters and male admirers with a 20-year age gap.

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