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I'm back!

I'm back from the South of France, but I'm very tired so I'll write a bigger post when I've caught up on my sleep.

A few quick things:-

Firstly for anyone who may be interested the first trial run round of the Balderdash Game at balderdash_game will start today. Please join me at this community, as we can play it with the small number of members we already have, but it will probably run smoother if a couple more people joined.

Secondly When I got back yesterday there was a letter from college with an enrollment form filled in for me to take into college this week to enroll for next year! By receiving this I'm prosuming that this means that I passed that last video assesment that I shot in class on the last day. (I'm too scared to get too positive about it until I've actually had my tutor confirm it to me personally!). I'm going into college to enroll tomorrow so I will check with them then. So keep your fingers crossed for me.

Thirdly for those of you who did my meme before I went away, if you did complete it I would still be REALLY interested in reading it so if you could post it to me on or point me to where you have posted them I would be greatful.
Tags: balderdash, british sign language, meme

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