C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Translated lyrics game

This seems like fun!
These are 5 random tracks from my library. Have a guess at the songs.

1. Randomly pick a song from your music library.
2. Find the lyrics for a verse/chorus
3. Go to a free translation programme and translate the lyrics from English into German.
4. Take the new German lyrics and translate them into Japanese
5. Take the new Japanese lyrics and translate them into Russian.
6. Take the new Russian lyrics and translate them into Greek.
7. Take the new Greek lyrics and translate them into Hindu.
8. Take the new Hindu lyrics and translate them into English.
9. Post the NEW English lyrics and have people guess the original song.

1. (first verse & chorus)
I've seen this way,
a true love story,
not for the sake of love,
was behind me and I was meant for someone else,
follow my dreams frustrated

I am but a shadow of doubt in my head does not believe now,
his face, the look of love,
if I tried,
could not leave,
so I think there

(first verse)
Do you have a
Girls around the world
There is one person
However, they can not decide
Not only do they know how to fill their time
This is the only method that can be wound

3. (Chorus)
As soon as I was running to his house it was (running)
Now I will run of you
You were giving this battered love
I give to the boy it could give to him
Take my tears, and this not almost quite
Оh The battered love
The battered love

4. (Chorus)
I think I love you.
So that fear?
I'm afraid that I'm not sure
There is no cure for love.
I think I love you.
Only thing is that life is made of?
Although it bothers me to say,
I never felt the day

Partridge Family/David Cassidy - I Think I Love You
I think I love you.
So what am I so afraid of?
I'm afraid that I'm not sure of
A love there is no cure for.
I think I love you.
Isn't that what life is made of?
Though it worries me to say
That I've never felt this way.

5. (chorus)
However, you need to cut my,
Please, problems are solved,
it will not do anything, and do not appear
They do not need your love, I also
However, treat me as a stranger, you're a very fat
No, I'm not so low you Mase
Your friends will be collected from your files, change the number
Although I do not need it
Now that you're used to someone they know,

Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know
But you didn't have to cut me off

Make it like it never happened
and that we were nothing

I don't even need your love,
but you treat me like a stranger
And that feels so rough
No, you didn't have to stoop so low
Have your friends collect your records And then change your number
Guess that I don't need that though
Now you're just somebody that I used to know

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