C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Been missing

I've not posted for ages...but I've still been reading everyone's posts every day x

I've been really, really busy this last couple of weeks. My mom has come to stay with me today for a couple of weeks which is lovely, but the flat was in such a state with me having been not so well for a long, long time! I've been too tired to tidy up and it just got into a mess! well it's taken me a couple of weeks to give it a really good spring clean but I've just about done it. I just need to clean the bathroom properly tomorrow and it's all done! YAY!

Yesterday I took 3 broken chairs to the tip and 14 carrier bags to the charity shop!

I have 3 pieces of wallpaper missing in the guest room where I have had a slow leak from upstairs for weeks (could be months). I had a workman come and look and last Thursday they found the leak and fixed it. So now It's just got to dry out. The plasterer called on Tuesday to re-plaster the bits that had gone soft. He's organising someone to call to give it a treatment when it's all dry and then I can repaper. I would rather they left the treatment now until after my moms visit. I've changed furniture around and I'm sleeping in the guest room and my mom is in my room. Didn't want my mom looking at my ugly messy plaster/lime green/pink 1970's gloss painted wall!

I'm looking forward to finishing the cleaning tomorrow then I can relax and enjoy all my hard work!!!
Tags: mom, spring cleaning
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