C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Bargain shoes! I am so happy!

I was only saying to my mom on the telephone last night that I would love a pair of glittery wedge court shoes. She was telling me that she had been to the Meadowhall Shopping Centre with my sister on Friday and had seen some in a shop for £45 and even though I have never mentioned my thoughts to anyone before and I have never worn this type of shoe before (I always wear doc martin shoes!) mom and my sister had admired these glittery platform court shoes in the window of the shop and had said that if I were ever to wear anything like them then these would be just me!!! how odd is that!!

Well this morning I went to a car boot and what should be on one of the stalls but a pair of platforms - exactly as I had imagined for 50p!!!

I'm a bit OCD about second hand shoes but you could see they had never been worn. The young woman told me she had never worn them because they didn't fit. There were two pairs and they were both brand new, so for £1 I took them both!

Of course Steve asked if I was ever likely to wear them seeing as I'm always in my dockers but I told him that the next Eurovision party night they will definitely be worn with my black jeans!!!

The Glitter shoes!!! I just love them!!!


The black extra pair which I love too!!!

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