C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

I'm really happy today!

I had some really great news today.

I had an appointment at the hospital today for a hearing test as I am slightly deafer in my right ear than my left. I chatted to the consultant and he seems like a really nice man. He asked me all the health questions they usually ask you and then told me that he needed to do the hearing test while I am not taking the tablets for labyrinthitis as apparently they affect the results. He also told me that as well as being a hearing specialist he is a balance specialist and said that he will get my labyrinthitis sorted and cleared up for me YAY!!!


He said that everything I have told him about my symptoms and past health is pretty much leading him down only one road to a diagnosis but he wants to get my hearing test results before he confirms anything. He hinted that it was some form of autoimmune thing with my body having attacked itself in my inner ear.

So after 5 solid years of this problem (and a few more odd attacks in the years before then) it sounds like I might get something done finally! Here's hoping he's good on his word and doesn't just build me up and then not do anything!

The downside is that having been on the tablets for 4 and a half years means that I am quite likely to be ill with dizzyness, sickness, headaches and panicky feelings if I stop taking them. He wants me to cut down from 2 tablets to 1 for a week and then stop. This is the part I am not looking forward to and fingers crossed I'll be ok. He told me to rest up during this period, not to do much and to get plenty of sleep.  He booked me my next appointment for 5 weeks but as I was coming home I realised and then worried that my mom was coming to stay with me for 2 weeks and I need to be well to look after her. She said 'We'll cope with it' But I reminded her that I was supposed to be cooking meals for her and that I wasn't having her standing and cooking for me whilst being ill. So I am going to try and get in touch with the consultant to say that I can't stop the tablets for the next couple of weeks. After 7th October I have nothing in my diary at all until the beginning of December. So plenty of resting time!

So... not looking forward to the prospect of being ill, but so very pleased to be told he will try and help me get rid of it!
Tags: labyrinthitis

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