C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

The last two weeks with mom

Well I'm finally able to post about what I've been up to!

My sister went to the canaries for a fortnight so Mom came to stop at my flat for a week and then we went to say at her (at my sisters) house for the second week. I've only got a single beds in both bedrooms and my mom is used to sleeping in doubles so doesn't sleep so great at mine - although as the week goes on she does sleep better, so we went to hers for the second week so she could have the comfort of her own bed.

My sister has bought her a kindle so we've been playing internet scrabble together and she has about 6 other matches on the go. We chatted, watched TV, watched films, laughed and had a good couple of weeks together.

She's still keeping very well, has the same aches and pains as she's had for ages but nothing has worsened thank goodness. We have all got our fingers crossed that she is going to be well for a while yet.
Tags: mom

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