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Eurobash 2013

YAY! for Eurovision Fan Club Conventions

Three great days of Eurovision-ness with all my lovely Eurovision friends! :D

aimingtobefit and I travelled on the train to Manchester on Friday afternoon and arrived about 3.30pm and got a taxi to our hotel. This year we were staying a couple of minutes away from the conference centre at a really posh hotel as we got a really cheap deal that was even cheaper than the cheap hotel we usually stay in. It cost us much, much less for two nights than if we had stayed at the conference centre hotel for one night.

At about 7pm we met up with about fifteen friends and went out for a meal. It has become a bit of a custom over the past few years for everyone to meet in the pub around the corner later for drinks. Later in the pub it got very crowded as more and more people arrived. I had a great night chatting to my friends Adam and Michael and lots of new people I hadn't met before.

It's amazing how friendships can grow in a year! in April at boombangabang Adam became my Eurovision husband lol! and last year at Eurobash I met Michael and his partner for the first time. I now speak very regularly to both Adam and Michael on the phone and it's great to meet up with them both, even if it's only twice or three times a year.

At around midnight me, Adam, Michael, aimingtobefit, JP from the Netherlands, the guest Josh Dubovie's mom and dad, and Chris and Pam went back to the conference centre hotel bar. I got talking to a lad called Kevin who I got on really well with and I could see us becoming really good friends in the future too. aimingtobefit and I left about 4am.

On Saturday we arrived about 10am and chatted for a bit with lots of the people we now know until the event started. Before we went in we were all given a welcome pack and split up from our close friends and given a countries table to sit at I was in the '2014' team and we came 5th out of 14! not bad as last year the team I was in came 2nd to last! Then later we had the 'Battle Of The Bash'. A couple of months ago we had been sent 32 songs in 16 pairs by e-mail and we had to vote which of the pair we liked the song and e-mail them back.The song with the most votes of the two was played and then at the end as a country we had to vote on our favourite songs. At the end of the afternoon there was one song that was the winner.

Then the guests were introduced and interviewed - Josh Dubovie (now rebranded as Josh James) who sang for the UK in 2010, Maja Kauc who sang for Slovenia in 2011 and the third guest of the day was Zita Kaminska who is the head of delegation for Latvia. The interviews were very interesting and funny.

Then we had a lovely meal and after we gathered for 'Eurostars' which is like a 'Stars in your eyes' competition. People dressed up and performed as singers from the Eurovision and then the audience voted on the winner.

Whilst the voting and counting was going on Josh and Maja both performed 3 songs each. The last being their Eurovision entries. Lastly they joined together to sing 'Euphoria' which sounded lovely.

Then the Eurostars competition winner was announced -

The Eurostars winners - Adrian and Emily.

The original

After I had my photos taken with the guests.

Then we went into the disco and had a night of dancing. my socks were well and truelly danced to shreds! The disco finished at 3am and we stayed around chatting until about 4.30am.

On Sunday we met up with about seven friends and we all had lunch together in the pub around the corner before we all set off home to all the different parts of the UK.

I had a great time!

My aims were
- to get photographed with all the guests - DONE!
- meet up with friends - DONE!
- make lots more friends - DONE!
- and dance my socks off at the disco!! - DONE!
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