C.x (itsjustc) wrote,


I booked tickets to two concerts today.

The first is the 50th anniversary and farewell tour of 'The Seekers'! in Manchester in May next year.
After buying me The wonderful world of Val Doonican and The wonderful world of Tommy Steele for Christmas when I was 3 and 4 (Which I admit, I loved them both!) My Grandma bought me a Seekers LP when I was 5 and I really loved it! I blame my Grandma for my great love of all sorts of music! So in 1980 when I made this huge list of people I would like to see in concert the Seekers were in the column of 'no chance' (because they split up in 1968!) along with ABBA (cos they had got too big for my budget and I could tell they were about to split up!). BTW if ABBA ever do get back together I would still love to go but I think a reunion concert will always be out of my price range!

It was funny in the late70's/80's as a punk/new romantic/goth secretly liking the Seekers alongside Bauhaus and the like.

Sooo...Air Supply had been the longest concert from writing the list in 1980 to seeing them in concert 27 years later but The Seekers now beat them by 7 years! - 34 years LOL! I think I'll have seen everyone on the original list now apart form ABBA, Blondie and Queen and it was a BIG list although it has been added to over the years.

The second thing I booked is my favourite comedian Dave Gorman in Dec 2014! - why do you have to buy tickets for things 15 months in advance! I've seen a couple of his shows before and really enjoyed them.

And now I feel guilty for spending money but I know I would be kicking myself forever if I didn't book to go to these.

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