C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Day 8 of cutting down/stopping my Labyrinthitis tablets ready for balance tests at the hospital.

Well this week I've sort of been fine. I can tell I'm on the edge of dizziness and I have to remember not to turn or bend or move too quickly but generally I've been okay. If I suddenly go dizzy I go and lay down straight away and keep my head still and my eyes closed and thankfully my balance calms down in about 20 mins!

Yesterday I took my tablet in the morning as usual but didn't take a tablet this morning. Again today I have been fine - a bit worse but mainly okay. I've had a headache today (one of the symptoms) for the majority of the day but I'm not too dizzy and not feeling sick.

Only 23 days to go till my hospital appointment.
Tags: labyrinthitis

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