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The Friday Five for 25 October 2013...

Originally posted by ariestess at The Friday Five for 25 October 2013...

Music & You!
What artist-song describes your: [Bonus points if you linky to a Youtube video.]

  1. Love

  2. Anger

  3. Hope

  4. Happy

  5. Sad

I sing this to Steve when we go to karaoke...awww!

I've never been in the situation described in this song but I love to sing this around the house when I'm really mad and I'm on my own, I sing along to this at the top of my voice and sing the anger out of my system! (NSFW)

I've listened to this song on numerous occasions when I've needed reminding of hope in my life.

I love dancing to this song at the disco at Eurovision events. It came second at the Swedish national final in 2011 so didn't go to Eurovision. I personally think it's better than the song they sent!

I've watched the film, The Railway Children thousands of times since I was a child and I even had the soundtrack record and this final scene and it's background atmospheric incidental music ALWAYS makes me cry! It's actually made me cry posting it!

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