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Oh please do excuse me everyone - I'm just talking a load of bobbar!

Thanks to
and Dermort O' Leary's BBC radio 2 show yesterday for giving me the idea for this post.

Firstly Iv'e got to shout - PIGGING 'ECK!!!!
Is anyone else having trouble with the new firefox? 'cos it's driving me biffy! It just keeps stopping! Everytime I search for something It closes down and tells me that windows is searching for a solution! For Pete's sake! stop faffin' around, find a solution and fix it for me!!!!

I can't help but think that it's the biggest load of Robertin' pants I've come across in a long time!!!!


OK mardy rant over.

*breathes calmly again*

Right - a few days ago may_lyn made a post asking if anyone had any imaginative non cursing words they used.

I explained how my most common curse is 'bobbar!!!!'

I only discovered about 4 years ago that this was quite a local Sheffield word.
I was in central England and I was with a group of quite posh people who were learning Sign Language and when it was my turn to stand at the front and sign something I went completely wrong. I just laughed and said
"Well! that was a right load of bobbar, I think I'll start again from the beginning!"
Everyone laughed and I stood quite embarrassed at how easy and loudly I'd said it! 
Then Sam who was sat at the back of the room asked -
"I'm sorry? It was a right load of what?" 
I laughed and sheepishly relied "bobbar Sam, I said it was a right load of bobbar"
The room fell about laughing again.
"What hell is bobbar!" he asked nearly falling off his chair!
I thought he was trying to embarrass me in front of everyone so I replied
"You know full well what it means!"
"I don't."
"Yes you do!"
"No HONESTLY I don't"
"Yes you do!"
He then asked the rest of the group if anyone else knew what it meant because the word was making him laugh so much that he needed to know what it meant! There was a lot of um's and ah's and no's that went around the room. I looked around and saw that NO-ONE knew.
"So go on what's it mean?" he asked again.
"It just means that something is rubbish" I said shrugging my shoulders "That's all!"
Phew! I thought! I got away with that then!!!

Over the years the word bobbar has developed into Bob Bar, Mr Bob Bar, Robert Bar and now Robert.

Another thing that sparked this post was that yesterday I got a phone call from 'S'. We have a mutual friend called 'B.'  whos husband is called Robert. She was telling me that she had been to a shop sale and had picked something up to look at but had put it down again because it was, as she put it, 'a bit B.'s husband!'

Which brings me onto Dermot's radio show yesterday.

He was asking if anyone had any secret words between friends. For example, no-one outside my group of friend would understand any of the changes to bobbar. This got me thinking about the use of the word 'Graham'.
Twenty odd years ago my best friend was going out with Graham. I was with a group of friends when she told us that he had applied to be a model. Everyone agreed that he was very good looking but then all agreed that there was just something that none of us could put our finger on which made us think that he wouldn't get excepted. About six months after that conversation, a friend and I were in a Chinese supermarket in Manchester when we decided to buy a canned drink. All being written in Chinese we just picked one each having no idea what flavours we had got. I opened mine and it was really quite nice. She opened her's took a sip, pulled a face and went "hmmm! not sure!! it's a bit Grahamy!
She handed it to me and I took a sip, it had an unusual taste to it.
"Do you agree about it being Grahamy?" she asked "It's very nice but theres something not quite right about it that I can't put my finger on!"

Question time -

Do any of you have any local words, non cursing swear words or secret words you use?
Tell me what they are and please do let me know how they originated and if they are real words or not.

Oh by the way I've not written for a couple of days 'cos I've been a bit of' 'n 'ooks. I've been stuck in bed trying not to move my head 'cos I couldn't stop going dizzy - I've probably got an ear infection or something!

ta very muchly and I'll see you all in a bit!

*mardy - moody, sulky, stroppy
*faffin' - messing about
*Robertin' Pants - originates from 'bobbar'
*bobbar - Excrement.
but can also be used to mean that something that is rubbish, useless or nonsense. Something of poor quality.
*pants - underpants
*of' 'n 'ook
(off the hook)
- ill.
*see you in a bit - bye

Tags: yorkshire dialect

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