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I'm just too young to know Mr Pastry!

In 1983 I saw this performance by Billy Dainty of the 'Mr Pasty Dance' on the TV and found it really funny.

Steve and I were talking about it yesterday and after watching this Billy Dainty clip he said that he used to love to watch Mr Pastry's show when he was young. So today I decided to investigate!

Mr Pastry was TV comic Richard Hearne born 1908

Mr Pastry came out of a 1936 stage show that Richard was in called 'Big Boy'. Each week the bumbling old man would have adventures with his two young friends. Jon Pertwee starred in a number of roles in the show. There was a film made about Mr Pastry but this has him coming out of prison and was totally different from the TV series, showing him as a pathetic figure instead of as a bumbling comic. Richard Hearne worked on and off for the BBC for thirty years.

Here's the original dance -

Does anyone else remember Mr Pastry?  'cos I don't

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