C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Childhood Films

Steve and I like different films. He likes old comedies from the 1920-1970's whereas I usually like modern psychological thrillers and 1980's bratpack films.

After many months of watching comedies, last Saturday from his film cupboard he brought out 'The Secret Garden' DVD'. I just love the story and the film and have seen various versions many times over the years since I was little. He sat through it with me - admittedly, giggling and making comments like 'Did that robin just tell her where the door was?' But he admitted afterwards that he enjoyed it.

Yesterday he brought out of the cupboard 'The Railway Children' which as I said in a post only last week I have watched that film hundreds of times and had the film soundtrack on LP when I was growing up. I STILL cried once again at the 'Daddy, My Daddy' scene!! He was laughing at me because I was in tears! He said he had enjoyed it and asked where it had been filmed and I told him it was at Haworth and that the Doctors house is actually the Bronte's house and he suggested we take a ride out to see the various film locations when the weather turns nicer next year.

I said we only needed to watch 'Oliver' and 'The Wizard of Oz' and I'll have a full house of my favourite childhood films. He then admitted that he had The Wizard of Oz in his cupboard. So the plan is to watch that next Saturday. I can't believe he hadn't seen any of these films before.

Oh and I know for a fact that 'Oliver' might be that step too far for him as he just can't grasp the idea of everyone in the street all singing and dancing together haha :).
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