C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Friday Five

1. What is your earliest memory of your birthday? How old were you?
2. What is your fondest memory of your birthday? How old were you?
3. Do you make extra-special plans for round-number birthdays?
4. How do you like to celebrate your birthday?
5. Did you ever throw a surprise birthday party for someone, or have a surprise party thrown for you? How did it turn out?

1. My earliest birthday memory was getting up on my birthday morning aged 5 and going to the bathroom sitting on the toilet and thinking "Wow Someone walked on the moon a couple of days ago! I will remember this moment for the rest of my life!" - and I have! haha!

2. Realising that my birthday NEVER fell in school and college term time! (the nearest it ever got was breaking up the day before!) I was about 9 when I realised and it was lovely to ALWAYS have a school holiday on my b/d.

3. Yes but not usually on the actual day of my birthday. I have a best friend who's birthday is 30 days after mine and for our 30th and 40th birthday parties, to save on cost, we shared our party, and held it on a day between both our b/ds. We hired an upstairs room in a pub and invited about 150 people to our 30th and about 200 to our 40th.

4. I have parties for special birthdays but for other years I usually gather a couple of cars full of friends and we drive out into the local countryside and have a short walk to somewhere with a view (a mountain that we can park near the top, or on the top of a huge valley etc) I try to go somewhere different each year. We sit and look at the view and open a couple of bottles of wine and have a drink together. Then when we are all quite cold and giggly we go to a little village pub and have a meal together.

5.No I've never thrown one nor have I had one but I did once go to one for my friends 70th.
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