C.x (itsjustc) wrote,


I had my hospital appointment last week.

There was some good luck and some bad luck. The good luck was that I haven't really suffered from dizzyness since bonfire night on the 5th November as I was watching the fireworks. So when I had the balance tests at the hospital that were suppose to make me dizzy - they didn't - so nothing showed up on any of the tests.  The specialist has booked me into have a CT scan this Wednesday afternoon as he wants to check whether I have thinning of a bone in my ear which can cause dizzyness.

He's told me to be active, and to take a tablet as and when I need it rather than all the time (which as a person who would rather not take tablets that's fine by me!) and to come and see him in two months time.

So it's good that I seem to be getting better, but bad that I've had it for so long and nothing showed up on the tests. because I'm now suffering from my usual thing of thinking that everyone thinks I'm making it all up!
Tags: labyrinthitis

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