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Oh please do excuse me again everyone - my sister's just bricked her pot!

With thanks to may_lyn, Dermot and also aimingtobefit

Since my last 'please excuse me post', another couple of things have come to mind.

Firstly the very local use of the phrase 'to brick your pot', kindly brought home from school by my sister in the mid 1980's and used quite often by people in the Hillsborough area of Sheffield.

'I bricked mi pot'  actually means that you have been so frightened that you have Robert Bar'd your pants, although it has a very wide range of use in the scale of how scared you really are.

As in 'I thought I saw a ghost the other day and I nearly bricked mi pot!'
I'm bricking mi pot about getting my exam results tomorrow at school'.
'A dog growled at me yesterday and I nearly bricked mi pot!'
'I only saw the car coming towards me at the last second and I right bricked mi pot. Thankfully he swerved and missed me!'

Secondly, my male friend 'D' and I always had a secret escape word. He in the past worked in the theatre and over the years we have attended quite a few parties together. We both love meeting people - although his tolerance of people is far, far, lower than mine! Whenever he became bored of the conversation or of the person, he would start to tell them about how it was his dream to one day produce a play that Thora Hird was acting in (which by the way was actually true!). I knew then that it was my job to make an excuse for us to leave that conversation! 
If every I hear Thora's name being mentioned now by anyone, I laugh!

Do any of you have any local words, non cursing swear words or secret words you use?
Tell me what they are and please do let me know how they originated and if they are real words or not.
Tags: yorkshire dialect

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