C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

little things make me smile.

Today as I went to Hillsborough shopping centre (very near the house I grew up in and where my mom lived until this time last year) I got off the bus and got a really strong smell of winter cough candy from the little sweet factory on a back street a few streets away. It reminded me of my childhood and smelling all the sweets being made as I walked to school!

And yesterday I had to go to the university medical centre yesterday to see a physiotherapist. It was the first time I'd been there as I usually go to my local doctors surgery. It was a really ultra modern building where the receptionist and I were the only people over 23! The waiting room was huge and filled with thousands of young students all playing on mobiles and listing with their earphones. The racks had leaflets about 'Do you have a problem with  alcohol?' 'Do you have a problem with Drugs?' and 'Are you having safe sex?' I went to the toilet and there was three basket on the shelf. one had free condoms, one free chlamydia test kits and one free pregnancy tests. The receptionist was lovely and sent me upstairs to a lovely little waiting room. The notice on the way had an arrow that said I was going to the nurses waiting room. As I sat on my own in the lovely relaxing little room I looked around and saw a lovely large fish tank with lovely fish and a rack with 4 different lots of leaflets stacked in them.

Prostrate Cancer
'Are your older teenagers driving you mad?'

I know logicalIy the doctor's rooms were downstairs and the nurses were upstairs but I sort of got the feeling that older people got their own waiting room away from the 'kids'.


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