C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Junior Eurovision

I'm watching Junior Eurovision on the website that was broadcast yesterday evening.

I watched bits of it last year but it's the first time I've watched it since the first year in 2003. I have to say that the songs and the singing have improved but I'm also pleased that this year there are less dolled up 10 year olds because I think last year many of them looked like American child beauty queens!

Actually there are a few girls (10 to 15) from different countries in a strange style of dress that make them look like little girls - like 6 yrs old or something! maybe they have gone the opposite way in dress style from last year!

I've managed not to read the results so I don't know who won! I don't feel as though there has been any really stand out songs! The Maltese girl had a good voice, I liked the Swedish song and I liked the song from Russia. Ukraine is also a good song.

so my prediction is.

1. Malta
2. Sweden
3. Russia

The results -
1. Malta
2. Ukraine
4. Russia
9. Sweden
Tags: junior eurovision
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