C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Scary accident!

I had a bit of a scare this afternoon!

I went shopping for the last of my Christmas pressies for people and I had three carrier bags of wine, beer and fruit vodka drinks plus a carrier bag with 4 boxes of sweets. I had just got off the bus and had walked to the carpark outside my flat when I stepped on an uneven bit of tarmac and fell chest first on the floor on top of 2 of the bags with bottles. I saw broken glass and liquid and I went into shock as to how seriously injured I was!!!! I checked my chest ...nothing!! thank God!!! I checked the rest of my body ....nothing!! thank God!!! I had a glass cut to the back of my hand that was bleeding quite badly but apart from that and scraped knuckles and a scraped knee I am fine. To say I landed on top of a broken bottle and did not cut myself seriously is amazing!!

Shaken, I had a quick check and only one bottle had broken but as I went to pick up the other bottles that's when I noticed my hand was bleeding quite a bit! I left all the bottles lying in the middle of the carpark and went to my elderly neighbours house. She got me cleaned up. I kept gibbering "All my bottles of wine are just lying in the middle of the road in the carpark". She kept cleaning me up and telling me that they would be fine for a few minutes. I could tell the cut wasn't as bad as I first thought. It could well have been deep but it wasn't wide so would probably start to heal up quickly. When it stopped bleeding and I'd put a plaster on, she helped me carry the bottles back to my flat and then we got a dustpan and brush and cleared the glass so that cars didn't cut their tires when the came to park up.

Tonight everything aches! It makes me realise that I'm not as young as I was and it hurts when I fall down. But once again I thank God I wasn't more seriously injured!!
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