C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

TV....Tomorrow and all this week.

I'm looking forward to aimingtobefit calling tomorrow.
She's staying overnight and the plan is to watch Sherlock from Sunday night and then episodes 2-8 of series 2 of The Tribe.

It seems like after ages of there being nothing on the TV suddenly I have masses of stuff to watch!

'Sherlock' Yay!
Guy Martin's 'Speed' (he tries to break 4 different speed world records) - I've watched 1/4 and I've yesterday's programme 2/4 to watch.
'7.39' a two part BBC drama that started this evening.
The flashy modern version of 'The Tomorrow People' starts on Wednesday night. It has Mark Pellegrino in it!
'The Undatables' (a programme about people with disabilities going on dates) starts again on Thursday evening.
The trashy and sad (but I love it!) 'Take Me Out' series 7 started this week.
The trashy but fun 'Celebrity Big Brother' is back on for three weeks.
and there' a drama starting next Saturday evening but I can't remember what it's called.

'Person of Interest' season 2 is taking it's Christmas break at the moment and I'm missing it. I got series 1 on DVD as a Christmas pressie from my mom.

right... it's 2.30am and I should really go to bed x
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