C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

for spikesgirl58 - icon meme

I love Prisoner and he looks mighty fine in this picture in his jacket.

I can't resist the cuteness of this! Every time you use it I can't stop watching it.

I don't know why I never really watched The Man From UNCLE. I can only think I was too young at the time and then I have never seen it repeated. If in the future it gets repeated I will watch it.

I like the colours of this icon. It has a nice splash of bright red with the more subtle yellow and blue.

Wallace and Gromit YAY! I love animation and wanted to be an animator when I left school but my careers adviser just laughed and said girls become nurses, teachers and secretaries! I did prove him wrong and work as a audio visual photographer and graphic artist but i always wanted to be an animator. I've been to a few talks on animation by Nick Park over the years. The first was just as he had released 'A Grand Day Out' and the last time was about two years ago. He told me that his careers adviser laughed at him too and told him he should apply for a job in his local factory!

Is this your cat? She's very cute.
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