C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

I've been to mom's house

I've had a lovely couple of days at my mom and sisters house in Barnsley. I live on the outskirts of Sheffield near the outskirts of Barnsley where they live and by car it would be a 10 min drive. But as there are no busses that go between the two by public transport I have to catch the bus and tram to the city centre and a 20 min train ride to a little station near them and then take a bus ride to their house which altogether from door to door takes about 1hr 45 mins! oh and it costs more than it costs me to go to Manchester on the train - which is a 1hr train journey!

Anyway It was lovely to see them. Mom is keeping well still. She's recently had a visit from someone from Barnsley Council who provide aids to older people. They have provided her with a bath chair that lifts her in and out of the bath so she is really enjoying being able to go in the bath again. We also ate loads of licorice allsorts over the two days!

We watched the first episode of this new series of Sherlock together as she hasn't ever watched it before but had saved it to watch with me. She says she enjoyed it and will watch ep2 in the next few days.

This morning I got up before they did and as my sister has netflix, I watched the pilot episode of Jerico before they came downstairs.

Mom and I have been watching the ongoing news about the little 3 year old who has gone missing from his home in Edinburgh overnight. it's now nearly 9pm and they still haven't found him.

I left there house at 4pm and all the transport ran just right with each other and I got back to my flat at 5:15pm.

It's been nice seeing her again.
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