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On Monday mid morning I had an appointment at the hospital for more balance tests. First they asked me loads of questions. I told them that I had stopped taking my tablets in October and that the last time I had a bad dizzy spell was Nov 5th. I told them that I had had two slightly dizzy days (one being the one where I fell down with the bottles just before Christmas) but I thought that I was probably/hopefully coming to the end of it.

I had to wear a pair of goggles with one eye blacked out that had a camera looking at my eye and then do various tests of looking at a square moving about on a big projected screen in front of me. Then they moved my head about for a bit and had me laying down and sitting up and another test was to put warm water in each ear (with a gap between to recover from the dizzyness). The results showed that I have got a balance problem but that it is only slight. It also showed that it was equal on both sides which apparently showed that my balance is now relearning to compensate so is probably on it's way to getting better.

They are going to send me a letter for me to see my consultant in a month or so.

When I came out I was surprised to learn that I had been in with them for an hour and a half. It did say on the letter that it could take between 1 and 2 hours but time past very quickly.
Tags: labyrinthitis

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