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I was busy yesterday tidying up the kitchen as I was expecting an inspector from the council to call to decide whether I could have a new kitchen or not (I cleaned it but didn't make it look perfect lol)

In about 2006 the government said that everyone with a kitchen and bathroom over 15 years old would have then replaced for new ones. I was in the other flat then and my kitchen was only 17 years old but it got replaced. When I moved to this flat in 2009 I saw it was a very old 1970's kitchen and asked if it would be replaced they promised me it would so I moved in to quite a bare kitchen. For a few pounds I tarted it up as I didn't want to spend much money if they were coming to replace it. Well it turned out that as the man who lived in the flat before me refused to have it done and that stays on the notes and the flat goes to the end of the queue. It doesn't matter if other tennants move in!!! STUPID!! so they told me that the end of the queue was in 2012, then 2013, and then 2014 and then I found out last week that the government kitchen and bathroom scheme is coming to an end in March this year! So I rang them up and they said they would send an inspector to see if it passed 'decent homes standard' which they then informed me for a single person is one double cupboard unit under the sink, a work top and one single wall cupboard! When I moved in that's what it had plus 1 unit of 3 drawers!

Anyway the inspector called yesterday and I stared to tell him my problems and he told me that he was the 'repairs' manager and that I wanted the 'investment team' manager! I told him crossly that that was who I had asked for and who I was expecting! He apologised, tutted and said it happens a lot and to ring them back to book the investment team inspector.

So that's my next thing I have to sort out.

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