C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

My Flat sagas continues

After the wrong inspector called last Tuesday I got a phone call on Thursday saying that they weren't sending investment inspectors out to look at kitchens now - the repairs inspector (the one who came) was supposed to do the job! The woman on the phone asked if there was anything I desperately needed and I said I needed some more plug sockets as my fridge freezer is plugged into one and I am having to run everything off the other plug socket. She said someone would ring me.

Anyway today someone has rung me and arranged to come round to have a look on Thursday morning. I realise that if I get my sockets done they might say that I've had some work done on my kitchen so it doesn't need modernising. We shall see. If I get more plugs it would be good.

The wet plaster in the bedroom from the slow leak from the flat above, hopefully, fingers crossed has been sorted and found and the plaster is starting to dry. I suppose after being wet for 10 months it's going to take a while to dry out!

I have a few other repairs that need doing but they get so confused at the office when you tell them more than one at a time that I tend to end up only tell them the main problem and get that one sorted before I tell them the next!

I think these flats are unfortunately getting old (they were built in the late 60's) and are in need of a lot of repairs!!
Tags: bedroom, kitchen, the flat
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