C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

I was a little bit tipsy again last night!

On Wednesday me, Josie, Val and Maddie were ladies of leisure for the afternoon.

We met at Josie's house and ate smoked salmon and cream cheese on bagels and drank white wine spritzers. I was supposed to be going round to watch the 2 'Mad Dogs' specials that were broadcast over Christmas but we got talking and laughing and listening to music so the programmes didn't get watched.

Then last night was my friend Chris' birthday. A small group of us met up in her old local little pub (the room seated about18 people!) and we sang karaoke amongst ourselves. I sang first and then I managed to persuade most of them to have a sing and I was surprised that the majority had never sung at karaoke before. I had 4 small glasses of red wine but was nowhere near as 'gone' as last Friday night.

Steve rang me this morning from work to ask how I was and I was like 'hmmmm.... I'm fine-ish!' He was laughing and reminding me that I've probably now drank more in this last week than I did in the whole of last year!

I don't think I've got anymore drinky do's planned now till the beginning of March. Josie, Val, cousin Debbie and I are going to Shrewsbury for the day to meet up with a crowd of friends from around the country (usually Manchester is central but this time there were more people coming from the south and less coming from the north).

It's now 6pm and I'm feeling fine - finally! :)

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