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January books

These are my first ever book reviews!

This month I have read -

1. Steal Tomorrow by Ann Pino
When her parents died in a global pandemic, seventeen-year-old Cassie Thompson thought her biggest problem was finding her next meal. But “Telo” is a virally-transmitted genetic disease that targets adults, and no one is immune. Surviving to adulthood isn’t looking very good as her city succumbs to food shortages, sanitation problems, and gang violence. When Cassie accepts an invitation to join a group of young people living in a luxury hotel, she thinks her most immediate troubles are over. Her new tribe appears committed to alliance-building, order, and civility. She soon finds, however, that her new friends have dark secrets.

I really enjoyed this book. Young people trying to survive without adults after a virus kills them all.

For my Tribe friends this is really well worth a read. It has similarities because the young people are trying to survive and face many of the same sort of problems as the characters in The Tribe but it is a very different story. It could be set in a different city somewhere else in the world.

Ann Pino is apparently in the process of writing a sequel. Her web site also has loads of 'extras' with a small back story to just about every character and also some characters that got cut from the book.

2. Cruising Speed, Donna McDonald
The Larson men from the 'Art of Love' Series are matchmaking without realizing it.

I do enjoy Donna McDonald's books even if I do a bit of eye rolling at times!

Donna McDonald always writes younger men/older women stories. My only complaint is that I am not that keen on huge muscly men and all her men are massive with huge muscles in jeans and muscle shirts - even when they are arty men (I don't know any arty men in real life that are weight lifters and muscle men! they all tend to be very thin and dress artyly!)

Anyway this Larson family friend is the hugest yet!! He is massive! She does write all her men with very attractive personalities (except they all seem to suddenly get a bit of a possessive streak and get jealous when they think they are in danger of losing 'their' woman!)

So a big biker bloke goes to buy an older biker woman's ex-husband's bike and he falls in love while she's concerned about the age gap.

3. Her Best Mistake, Donna McDonald
Lisa Dennison ends up in bed with the wrong man. Or maybe she doesn't.

A nasty & nice identical twin story. The nice one flies in to visit the nasty one and the nasty one plays a trick on his brother by organizing one of his  female friends to go to his room at a hotel (where nasty twin happens to be having a business meeting later.) Nice brother finds out and tells him to cancel the idea. There's a mix up at the reception when nasty twin's older female colleague arrives for the meeting at the hotel and they hand her a note that was meant for nasty twin's friend. She thinks the business meeting has moved to his suite and nice twin thinks she's the 'loose' woman!

I enjoyed this one for this farcical situation at the beginning and her well written differences in the twins personalities.

4. Teach Me, Donna McDonald
Leslie Mercer returns to her hometown to visit an old boyfriend and finds out his younger brother has had a crush on her for years.

And finally a geek boy that's not huge and ripped!... nice!

Leslie's old boyfriend has been in a car crash, has amnesia and thinks it's 10 years ago when they were going out. He's getting upset that he hasn't seen her and therefore isn't improving so his family ask if she will come back to her hometown to visit him and try to help him understand that 10 years have passed. During her visit she spends a lot of time in the company of the younger brother who tells her he has always had a crush on her.

Oh and I forgot -

5. Reunion by Joermungard (a future Tribe fanfiction)
WIP 29,000 words. 11 chapters.
Ellie and Luke meet again - many years later. And everything that happened between them comes rushing back at them.

It's a number of years after the second virus and while some members of the Mall Rats have drifted back to the city, some members are living a quiet life in the countryside. Luke has spent years searching for Ellie and turns up where she is living, hoping to seek her forgiveness. After all the hurt she felt it takes time and a lot of talking for them to sort out and renew their friendship.

I went looking for an Ellie and Luke story and I found this. It is a really enjoyable read. I enjoyed the development of their friendship. Joermungard hasn't rushed it and it feels as though it is developing at the right pace for the amount of hurt and anger Ellie would have felt.
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