C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

I'm going to summer school on monday!

I'm feeling slightly apprehensive this evening.

I'm going away on Monday for a week to a signing summer school and tonight I'm just going through the phase of laughing to myself and saying
'Are you mad woman?!!'

It's a school that's held ever two years and about 100 people attend from all over the UK and Southern Ireland. There's usually about 40 Deaf people and 60 hearing. I've been twice before and have really enjoyed it and have made some good friends. The downside is that it is brain drainingly tiring! From arriving on Monday at lunch to leaving on Sunday at lunch everyone signs. It's hard! There are three lessons a day with social activities in the evening. Oh we get Thursday afternoon off. Last time four of us went off, hired bikes and cycled round a nearby county estate. (and we obviously talked!)

But I saved for a long time to go to this and have had it booked since December. It cost quite a sum and I'm thinking
'Why have I paid a vast sum of money to for a week of having my brain painfully sucked out of my ears with a straw, put in a blender strained through a sieve and then stuffed back in ! I could have gone somewhere relaxing instead!'

I really admire any of you who are living in a different country and are speaking a second language all the time!

*deep breath* I know I'll learn a hell of a lot, I know how much good it will do me for going back to college in September, I know I'll make some good friends (and hopefully see old ones again) and I know I'll come home raving about how good it was.

But until then -
'Are you mad woman?!'

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