C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Sad to be leaving ljidol

I'm unfortunately going to have to withdraw from therealljidol. I really don't want to as I've enjoyed taking part.

I've known for a while that I would be going to go to my sister's house to take care of my mom for a week and had saved a bye for it, but my sister has changed her holiday from a one week to a two week holiday. My sister does have internet access but my only portable device is my tiny ipod touch and I can't type an entry on it! I will try to read and vote while I'm at my mom's though.

When I get back from my mom's on the Wednesday evening, the very next morning I'm going to Manchester overnight with aimingtobefit to see The Seekers on their 50th anniversary live tour.

Then today, Steve rang me to tell me that he had finally got two weeks off work and asked me to book a holiday for us both, starting on the same Friday morning that I get back from Manchester. I've booked to go to Cornwall for a fortnight and unfortunately there is no internet access at all available on site. So it means that I am away from home and my PC from tomorrow Friday 16th May until the evening of Sunday 15th June.

When I get back I will carry on playing the home game as I have really enjoyed writing and taking part in the contest.

As this is my first year I don't know how everything works, but I've read rumours of a 'Second Chance'. If this does happen after I've returned home, and if it works as a vote, I'd like to appeal to those of you who have enjoyed reading my entries to consider me and give me the opportunity to re-enter please.

Anyway, Gary you do a great job, and I've met some really lovely people through this community.... and I'm always happy to have more friends, so if you would like to add me go ahead and I'll add you back as soon as I can. x

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